Open President's Room

The Pride of INDUK!

Our founding philosophy is a Christian commitment based on "Revere God and devote myself to serve others". Our mission is to produce leaders who will play the pivotal role in nation's development with creative spirit of "Create something out of nothing with hands and brain".

We aim for training true upright persons who knows to love and serve with Christian spirit to contribute to advancement of oneself and humankind.

To overcome any kind of challenges and to make a bright future we set up five core targets.

First, overcome crisis through harmony and cooperation.
Second, based on transparent trust carry out an open, transparent administration.
Third, let people know Induk through epigynous network of Induk and society.
Fourth, manage responsibly not through tradition, but through innovation.
Fifth, construct creative campus which will enable students prepare their future.

With the above core targets as a base, we will press on to train outstanding individuals who will contribute to local and industrial development and to make "A university everyone is proud of".

I welcome you again and I hope all the information you find in our homepage may help you to understand us better. I wish God's blessing always follows you in your future.

President of Induk University, Wookwon Lee