Symbol of INDUK

Logo type

Logo type with symbol mark is the basic element for the visual delivery of the identity of Induk University. Korean logo type of Induk University is developed with a font that goes well with the symbol mark, unifying the image. When you use the logo type, to prevent the deformation, magnify or reduce in direct proportion the size of the original Alfile copy.
But when printing large size or in case of impossible computer printing, you must accurately construct the image according to the grid system below.

idu 인덕대학교 로고 이미지
Logo type
로고타입 이미지
Vertical Logo type
세로 로고타입 이미지
Logo type - Chinese
로고타입 - 한문 이미지
Vertical Logo type - Chinese
세로 로고타입 - 한문 이미지
Korean Signature
국문 시그니춰 이미지
Chinese Signature
한문 시그니춰 이미지
Korean Signature - Section Drawing
국문 시그니춰 - 단도 이미지
Chinese Signature - Section Drawing
한문 시그니춰 - 단도 이미지
엠블렘 이미지
Induk Symbol Bird

Eagle ( Aegyplus Monachus)

Eagles are members of the bird family which live in dense forests or coastal rock faces. They are big enough as to cover the sky. Their penetrating clever eyes, swift and sharp beaks and body dominate the sky. So they are called the prince of birds.

We chose the eagle as our symbolic bird for our students to have the power to overcome struggles as an eagle with mounted wings. With wings with renewed strength they will run and not faint, and they will walk and will not become weary.

When eagles train their little ones to fly, they go up high in sky and drop their little ones. If the little one drops, the parent eagle catches it and keeps trying until the little one grows up to be strong enough to soar.

In this way, God will save us whenever we fall, give us strength, and embrace us in his arms until his second coming will give us the final victory. Students at Induk will learn this truth and lead courageous lives through the lesson of the eagle.

Induk School Tree

Silver Magnolia (Magnolia Obovata)

The Silver Magnolia's trunk grows straight and high. Its oval shaped leaves make cool leafy shade in summer. Its flowers splendidly blossom into yellow-white and their dashing, rich beauty and subtle fragrance attracts many. When fully grown it is used as lumber. The Tripitaka Koreana, that has been preserved over 700 years, was made of Silver Magnolia.

We selected the Silver Magnolia as our school tree to exhibit our wish that our students may become gentle and virtuous individuals ,who can become magnificent trees providing cool and cozy shade for others and serving them with Christ's love and the fragrance of a humble serving spirit.