A University to raise young CEOs

A school featuring Business Start-ups to develop your potential and capability.

Induk University was designated as Business Start-up Academy by the SMBA(Small and Medium Businesses Administration) with a substantial financial support, the only junior college nationwide to achieve this distinction. This program selects schools with enough space to accommodate start-up businesses, and excellent education programs and competent mentoring systems to support and raise young entrepreneurs. Support Center for Business Start-up runs one-stop program to help entrepreneurs progress from business ideas to prototype production to registration processes in government offices to setting up marketing strategies. It also provides education courses in business start-ups, support for business start-up clubs, and help for developing business models, while holding Business Start-up Expos, establishing a holding company overseas for promoting business start-up opportunities, and forming a Korea- China Business Startup Association.

Unique Business Start-up Support Programs at Induk

  • Support to put business ideas into practice
  • Support for business start-up club activities
  • Overseas Business Start-up Camps
  • Business Start-up Internship Programs
  • Business Start-up Scholarship Programs
  • Support programs for student entrepreneurs
  • Business Start-up Association for Korea-China University Students