School of Art & Design

Department of Digital Industrial Design
Our department is the first design education center established in 1971 and has been operating as a three-year course. We train designers as nation's future driving force by nurturing formative and creative capacity that is needed for being designers in fields of product and digital design.
Department of Visual Communication Design
We are the first technical college Visual Design department which was established in 1972. In our department, students learn ways to handle, analyze visual language of new media. Students also learn to try solving various communication and formative problems and to become creative, active communicators in the fields of advertisement design, graphic design, editorial design, web information design, and illustration.
Department of Jewelry Design
We train creative designers and expert workforce who can adapt to real work environments straight after graduation. We have courses like jewelry design, wax modeling, jewelry craft, jewelry setting, jewelry CAD, as practical training and jewelry appraisal, education of jewelry materials, jewelry marketing, etc. as theoretical training.
Department of Interior Architecture
With excellent faculty and best educational environment, we carry out broad and systematic formative education to produce sensuous, creative designers. Courses include interior architecture design, furniture design, interior architecture construction, interior coordination, etc.
Department of Broadcasting & Entertainment
We train talented entertainers for broadcasting industry. We nurture individual's talent and specialty to make universal entertainers with artistic soul. Especially, we put emphasis on self-improvement to produce artists who have proper character and formality.