School of Languages & Social Studies

Department of Business English
In the era of globalization, English opens a world of communication and new job opportunities. In order to foster global competence, we educate students not only about linguistic ability but also practical business skills and manner. our curriculum helps students to fulfil the needs of world's community and cultivate experts who can contribute to cultural development.
Department of Chinese
China is currently the second largest economy in the 21st century and interest in chinese has increased steadily. For this, we educate students not only about linguistic skills but also the ways of creating customer value, loyalty, and trust that are demanded in hospitality industry. So that they could comprehend Chinese industries’ recent trend and analyze in real work cases and it will lead students to become global leaders with both knowledge and practical skills.
Department of Business Japanese
As we are facing 21st century Globalization Era, Japan opened its cultural doors and this will result in Korea and Japan's intensified exchange. To cope with this timely need, we are operating practical education programs that students will improve their Japanese conversation skills, foster work capacity, acquire broad knowledge in Japanese society and culture, and become capable of working in various job fields. For this, we have been selecting top-flight students who will be sent to language study abroad, exchange student programs, and internships.
Department of Social Welfare
To build a local community with all members from elderly to young happy and healthy, our students will be trained to be expert social workers who are able to prevent various social problems and intervene to solve them.Childcare Major : Since the entry of women in public affairs and economic activities, government support and demands for childcare has steadily increased. In our major, we train childcare specialists who have firm sense of duty and occupational view based on deep understanding of infants.
Department of Tax Accounting
We train professionals who will provide management, tax, and accounting information to businesses, government, and other organizations. So we focus on practical skills and tax, accounting related knowledge for the field work, linking these experiences to obtaining professional certification and practical skills training for lifelong career and continuing education.