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Admissions (Undergraduate)
Admissions Schedule
Dormitory info
Type Date Place Notes
Application Material
2016.12.26.(Mon) 10:00
~ 2017.1.6(Fri) 17:00
Induk University Future Education Center
(미래교육단), (조형관 지하1층)
Application forms must be submitted
in person
Interviews 2017.1.9(Mon) ~ 1.13(Fri) Future Education Center
All applicants will receive
the results individually
of Admission
2017.2.3(Mon) Admissions website
of Induk University
Tuition Payment 2017.2.8(Wed) ∼ 2.10(Fri) individually
designated account
Any KB banks or Industrial bank of Korea * If an applicant does not pay either the deposit or tuition fees by the due date after the notification of admission, the applicant enrolled in will be cancelled.
2nd Tuition
Undecided Undecided

The above schedule is subject to change due to school circumstances

Eligibility and Requirements
Citizenship qualification
a. A non-Korean citizen applicant with non-Korean citizen parent(s) must have completed (or will be expected to complete) regular high school/secondary education in Korea or overseas.
b. A non-Korean citizen applicant with Korean citizen parent(s) must have completed regular primary and secondary education overseas.
Applicants with the level2 are subject to take Korean Language Courses for 200 hours in school. (before graduation)
All foreign students must obtain 4 level of TOPIK(Korean Language Proficiency test) before graduation.
Documents to be submitted
Dormitory info
No. Documents Notes

IDU Application Forms

  • Self-Introduction
  • Study plan
  • Guarantee for applicant’s expenses
2 An original copy of graduation certificate of high/secondary school)
  • Original documents in another language should be attached with a notarized English or Korean translation.
  • Chinese applicants’ school trascript must be submitted as a certified report in English issued by CHSI or CDGDC
    *Korean Mission in Taipei for Taipei applicants
3 A copy of parents and applicant’passport first page
4 Family Relation Certificate *Family Relation Certificate such as family register, birth certificate,resident registration, family relationship certificate must be translated and notarized.
*Chinese applicants must submit copy of applicants Ho ku Bu(?口簿) (tran-slated and notarized)
5 Certificate of Entry and Exit issued by the Korean Immigration Office
6 parents’ or applicant’s bank statement dated within 3months of submission (USD 10,000 이상) *The bank statement must include over USD 10,000
7 Certificate of Korean Language Proficiency
8 3 identical photographs(3cm * 4cm) The photographs must be taken within 3 months
9 Application fee 100,000(KRW)

All documents must be translated and notarized if the documents are not in Korean or English.

Admission Process
A. Admissions content
Admissions content info
Type Review of documents Interview Sum
Ratio 50% 50% 100%
Result release and registration
A. Applicant may be contacted individually or can check the results on the Induk University website.
B. Applicants can check their admission results and tuition payment on the website individually ( and tuition fee must be paid by the deadline. If not, the applicant may be withdrawn by the university.
C. Applicants must check the tuition fee is processed on the website and if there is any mistake due to your misunderstanding, the applicants may be disqualified or revoked
Tuition refund

A. How to apply for the tuition refund If applicant who finished the registration would like a tuition refund, please visit our website ( and click
[등록포기 및 환불신청] which means tuition refund. If they complete all the refund process, the registration will be withdrawn within the specified deadline.

B. Refund period

  • ① Deadline : 2017.2.6(Fri.) ~ 2017.2.26(Fri.) / (by 12:00p.m.)
  • ② If you have any queries about refund, please contact us (950-7192,7198)
  • * Refund period is subject to change due to school circumstances
A. Admission scholarship(only for first semester)
Admissions content info
Type Benefits
Foreign students 50% of tuion
Sister school students or
Korean Language Course students at Induk University
No admission fee, 50% of tuition

Tuition payment

Admissions content info
Engineering, Art Literature Admission fee (Only pay for the first semester)
3,271,000 / 1,635,500 (50%) 2,793,000 / 1,396,500(50%) 785,000

B. TOPIK scholarship [One time only]

B. TOPIK scholarship [One time only] info
TOPIK Benefits
Obtained TOPIK level 6 600,000(KRW)
Obtained TOPIK level 5 500,000(KRW)
Obtained TOPIK level 4 400,000(KRW)

C. Academic scholarship

B. TOPIK scholarship [One time only] info
Volunteer hours Benefits Notes
Over 20 hours per semester 300,000(KRW) Submit qualified documents to the international cooperation center
and pay for the money at the end of the semester
  • The application forms, self-introduction, study plan, guarantee for student’s expenses must be submitted via mail or in person and all documents must be written in Korean or English. If applicant presents any false information, fails to submit required application materials, the applicant may be disqualified from the admission review.
  • Applicant’s name must be the same as the passport or the foreign ID card. Also, If an applicant does not have a foreign ID card issued by the Korean Immigration Office, the applicant must write their birth in front of their foreign ID card number
    Birth: 1997.10.23/Foreign ID card No.: 971023-1000000(for men) or 971023-2000000(for women)
  • All documents can not be modified or taken back once submitted.
  • Before, during admission, if there are any problems with the documents authenticity, eligibility etc. will be revoked.
  • If enrollment is not completed by the deadline, the acceptance offer will be withdrawn.
  • Self introduction must include the purpose of admission in Korean and Art and Design applicants may be subject to submitting their portfolios
  • Applicants must fill their domestic and overseas contact number and address in the supporting document so that Induk University can contact individually. If there is any false information or ommission in it, the applicant may be disqualified from admission review.
  • Induk University only provides Korean classes.
  • The tuition fee does not include student insurance. Therefore, all international students must take out insurance individually and submit insurance policy to the International Education Center.
  • All the international admission process must be accordance with international admission policy of Induk University.
    If you have any further inqueries, please contact us
    • - Department: International Education Center(☏ 950-7192,7198) / Fax: 82-2-950-7199)
    • - Address: Future Education Center, Induk Uiversity, Choansan-ro12, Nowon-gu, Seoul,Republic of Korea(133-791)
    • - Office hours: 9:00 ~ 18:00(Korean hour)
    • - E-mail:
Colleges and Departments(2017 Academic year)
Admissions content info
Courses Colleges Departments Number
3year course Engineering Dept. of Computer Engineering & Electronics 2
Dept. of Mechatronics 2
Dept. of Broadcasting & Visual Media 2
Dept. of Information & Communications 2
Dept. of Architecture 2
Dept. of Industrial and ManagementEngineering 2
Dept. of Mechanical & AutomotiveEngineering 2
Dept. of Civil & EnvironmentalEngineering 2
Dept. of Computer Software 2
Artistic Dept. of Digital Industrial Design 2
Dept. of Visual Communication Design 2
Dept. of Interior Architecture Design 2
Dept. of Jewelry Design 2
Dept. of Broadcasting & Entertainment 7
Dept. of Secretarial Office Management 2
Dept. of Tourism & Service Management 2
2year course Engineering Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Design 2
Dept. of Construction Information 2
Artistic Dept. of Living Deco Ceramic Design 2
Dept. of Multimedia Design 2
Dept. of Cartoon & Animation 2
Dept. of Urban Environment Design 2
Dept. of English 5
Dept. of Chinese 4
Dept. of Japanese 2
Dept. of Social Welfare 2
Dept. of Tax Accounting 2
Sum 67