International Language School

Message from the Principal

Hello. Thank you for your interest in our Induk University International Language School.
Language is the most important means of communication. It is the most effective way of expressing one's diverse and delicate mind. In globalized, internationalized society, foreign language ability has become a critical criterion of upgrading a person's reputation a level higher and is an important means of brightening one's sociality and future.
Recently, Korean Pop culture has been growing its popularity in world market raising people's interest for Korean language more day by day.International Language School will do our utmost to build pleasant educational environment and to provide competent, selected instructors for your language ability improvement.
Language acquisition does not occur in st time, so it is important to plan ahead and put diligent and regular effort. We, International Language School will step forward for you to prepare strong wings to dream bright future and fly high.

International Language School Introduction

The first step in becoming a glonal leader,Induk International Language School will right there

Since Induk International Language School's establishment in 2009, we have been supporting learner-centered, superior Korean education with experienced instructors by providing specialized integrated education and various Korean culture experience programs