School of Art & Design

Department of Jewelry Design
We train creative designers and expert workforce who can adapt to real work environments straight after graduation. We have courses like jewelry design, wax modeling, jewelry craft, jewelry setting, jewelry CAD, as practical training and jewelry appraisal, education of jewelry materials, jewelry marketing, etc. as theoretical training.
Department of Multimedia Design
We train sensuous digital specialist designers who can cope with changing Media Era through creative research and development of various individual skills. Especially, we focus not only on employment but also creating own businesses in the field of design and image, media art, mobile related design.
Department of Cartoon & Animation
In the core of 21st century nation's industry is cartoon and animation, and in the kernel of it is our department. Our motto is "Infinite creation" to produce professional cartoonists and animators. Through invitation of in-service professionals as our lecturers, we train our students to be the best-of-the-kind straight after the graduation to achieve creative intellects' dreams.
Department of Digital Industrial Design
Our department is the first design education center established in 1971 and has been operating as a three-year course. We train designers as nation's future driving force by nurturing formative and creative capacity that is needed for being designers in fields of product and digital design.
Department of Living Deco Ceramic Design
We train 21 century's leading designers who can produce interior ceramics and cultural products that seek compound worth of indoor and outdoor space. For this, we focus on computer design education and practical training needed for development of interior tiles, ceramics jewelry, tourist products, decoration ceramics, architecture ceramics, tableware, etc. We aim at education that can create pottery culture by opening pottery businesses, get employed in the ceramics field, and obtain ceramics related certifications.